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The Firevase is safety hidden in a great design

throwable fire extinguisher Firevase


Designed to hold and last for a long time.


Its just near by

its a prety thing that you have in your home, makes it faster to get when the fire starts


Of fluid

designed so your whole family can throw it

In case of fires in the home
every second counts

The Firevase is engineered to quickly fight fires classified as A and B fire types.

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The Fire Vase - When safety matters

Developed and designed with optimum weight and size, all options for rapid fire fighting at home - regardless of age.

Great design

It can decorate every place… Do not forget the flowers


Fire-safety function

In case of fire, all you need is to throw the vase at it. As simple as that.


Very handy

It does not take much space and it is easy to move


Perfect for a gift

If you wonder what to give your loved ones, you are at the right place

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Firevase is made from plants

You will never want to
to get a normal vase again

In our home is exactly where we want us and our family to be most secure. Therefore, it is important that within a few seconds after we detect a fire, we can fight it. The fire service allows us to do just that, while being easy to use the firevase.
  • Plant extract The liquid contains water and alkyl Glycoside which is extracted from plants. Alkyl Glycoside change the chemical compound on the water.

  • Quick response When the fire vapor is smeared and the liquid gets some air, this is converted into foam and steam. The temperature drops and the fire suffocates very quickly
fire extinguisher Firevase

You’ll never want
to get a normal vase agian

This vase can take safety to the next level and safe seconds to minuts in a fire. it can claer the way for you to come out, or it can turn of the biggining of the fire.
1 sec.

Takes 1 second after throw the fire is gone


We sell them in a pack of 3. 1 for the livingroom. 2 for the bedrooms

Keep your home safe
with the Fire Vase

Safe, Light and easy to Use

Engineered and designed with optimal weight and size so everyone will be able to defends themselves against fire, regardless of age and physical condition.

Fast and Effective

It can extinguish fire immediately after being thrown upon. It works as a grenade that produces foam and gas that blocks the oxygen and suffocates the fire.

Biodegradable & Eco-friendly

Our eco-fire extinguisher is non-toxic, water-based and contains fire-fighting agents that are harmless for humans and pets.

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